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The Return Of Positive


I should Work at Oakley
Oceanside, Oregon
Owned a pair back in 2006...wore them twice and didn't like how I looked with them on so I re-sold them. What was I thinking? Proves that tastes change I guess because these simply rock




They look the nuts.
Nice one.

And good photos too, btw. Really picks out the lens vs icon etc.

Interesting that they came in a white bag though?
Usually reserved for da laydeez.
@UCDavis - Those look AMAZING. I used to have the same opinion about wild colors and frames. Since i've joined this forum, i have a new appreciation for all things loud. For example, last year i would have never too interest in Ghost Text frames, but now i LOVE them!

@Herbs - My White/Jade Flaks came with a white bag too.
White Canteens, Gascan S and MD's at one time came in white bags...altho I never owned a white pair
I think the Lifestyle frames came with the brown bags. Both my Jupiters and the Eyepatch i sold came with brown bags. Everything else i have comes with the standard black bags. The both my Matte White and Ghost Text Flaks came with white bags.

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