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Here for your consideration is what might just be the ultimate collection of Oakley Elite products.

This is a full set of every item created for the launch of the Elite Collection, housed in two specially built SKB gun cases fitted with custom laser-cut foam. There were 5 complete sets created for the entire globe, which were used by Oakley for ultra-exclusive media presentations prior to the release of C-SIX.

These kits include the very first C-SIX Carbon units ever built, all of which are non-serialized with "PROTOTYPE" etched into the inside of the left earsock as well as on the commemorative plate in the box.

Both cases had custom "Oakley Elite" die-cut decals created and placed on the outside, which tended to get beat up in transport from event to event, as evidenced here.

Included in the kit:

* Oakley Elite C-SIX Carbon w/Titanium Polarized lenses with oleophobic coating front & back and backside anti-reflective coating, non-serialized prototype

* Oakley Elite C-SIX Aluminum w/Grey Polarized lenses with oleophobic coating front & back and backside anti-reflective coating, serialized (this one happens to be #441 out of 1500, although they actually produced about a thousand more than that in the end)

* Oakley Elite Pit Boss, Matte Black/Titanium w/Black Iridium Polarized with oleophobic coating front & back and backside anti-reflective coating

* Oakley Elite Time Bomb II, Titanium, serialized (this one happens to be #342

* Oakley Elite Assault Boot, Black, size 9 (left only, marked "sample" on tongue label)

* Oakley Elite Launch DVD in bound & lined folder (pre-production version with larger Elite icon on the outside, production C-SIX eyewear shipped with this same DVD and folder but with a slightly smaller logo)

* All wrapped up in 2 custom-built SKB gun cases for maximum protection and intimidation factor










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Calgary Dreaming

Oakley Beginner
Yup, that is super impressive! Not everyday you get to see $10,000 worth of product (much, much more if you consider the collector factor) all wrapped in a known marketing package. Well done!


Oakley Expert
New York
Good god I gasp every time i see the carbon c six. Thanks for sharing, this is the epidemy of an oakley collection!