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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by THE X-MAN, 10/30/12.

  1. qtrain23


    I mean comparing your plasma to 1st gen

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  2. CarGuy

    CarGuy Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Originally featured in The X Man's thread "The Transformation" as only the frame.
    That thread got pretty busy so they are completed herein.
    Basically the same as done previously, but originally done with parts from Ti02 Juliets (frame), XX (arms) and IH Juliet (lenses and rubbers)- effectively cannibalizing some frames that should be left intact.
    Enter the X Man with his much-needed skill set and a pair of polished Juliets purchased from another forum member:
    The X-MAN Customs Corner - 8143053885_2ffc403ba7_b.jpg

    The X-MAN Customs Corner - 8143086368_330ff2441d_b.jpg

    Thanks for some great work Mark!
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  3. Dyeraudio


    I will add to the Members Gallery with the frames I've had done so far by The X Man.....first let me say that Marks work is nothing short of spectacular. Great attention to detail and not a single thing receives nothing but 100% attention. Enjoy.....

    1. 1st Gen Ducati

    The X-MAN Customs Corner - 1stGenDucati-Copy.jpg

    2. X-Metal Hammerstem Infinite Hero

    The X-MAN Customs Corner - InfiniteHero-Copy.jpg

    3. Black Juliet

    The X-MAN Customs Corner - Ruby-Copy.jpg

    4. X-Metal/VR28 Blue Iridium...........lenses cut by xmetalmaniac

    The X-MAN Customs Corner - VR28BlueIridium.jpg

    5. Black Hammerstem Juliet/OO Red Iridium......lenses cut by xmetalmaniac

    The X-MAN Customs Corner - husu7ata.jpg

    Every frame Mark has refinished for me was much more than I expected. Absolutely perfect and exactly as he had described before refinishing. Shameless plug for xmetalmaniac for doing an absolute perfect job cutting my lenses....his turnaround is just as quick as Marks's....2 days or less. Anyone considering The X Man's services or xmetalmaniac cutting lenses should have absolutely no hesitation and will be rewarded with the best job possible IMHO. Thanks very much guys.....your work is far superior and much appreciated!
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  4. Dyeraudio


    Great colorway Car Guy! Looks awesome!

  5. vecte


    This makes me so much more anxious for my frames to arrive back in the mail! Will post pics once they get here.

  6. beaver962000


    What lenses do u guys think would look good in those ti02?

  7. qtrain23


    something neutral. vr28 or titanium

  8. Dyeraudio


    VR28, VR28 BI or BIP........

  9. THE X-MAN

    THE X-MAN Gold Forum Sponsor Premium Member Lifetime Member

    BEHOLD !!!!!!!!! these had really a bad bridge ,smashed over rivits and looked like someone used a file to grind the finish.they are now "killer".this is not thick spray can paint either,it is an oven cured epoxy,very very durable. The X-MAN Customs Corner - IMG_0001-4.jpg
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  10. qtrain23


    Oooo. What other colors can you do?

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