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Discussion in 'Oakley X-Metal Discussion' started by THE X-MAN, 10/30/12.

  1. chon


    very cool :D :D

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. fix-the-spade


    They arrived!
    The X-MAN Customs Corner - 7457-1532534404-1e9651b046ad851c119e3b1020c8b1c5.jpg The X-MAN Customs Corner - 7462-1532534443-d135a41516f45fa7fe2b6c2cc3269c3e.jpg The X-MAN Customs Corner - 7460-1532534423-9837506a04797dbaad93093339284b42.jpg The X-MAN Customs Corner - 7458-1532534411-94f4817400d506136cb200d9a6613aae.jpg The X-MAN Customs Corner - 7461-1532534432-d430727a877df355ec8ee616643e60b9.jpg

    Linegear Yellow/Olive Drab rubber parts, Oakley BIP lenses.
    I would have taken pictures yesterday, but it was a sunny day and... you know.

    They look better than new, doubly impressive given the well loved condition they were in. Thanks again X-Man.
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  3. THE X-MAN

    THE X-MAN Gold Forum Sponsor Premium Member Lifetime Member

    is the green close enough to the lotus british racing green, I looked on the Intrnet and seen that color vary so much.
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  4. fix-the-spade


    Yes it's excellent, it works very nicely with the yellow too.

    BRG has never been a set colour, depending on the team and year it goes from almost black to quite a bright metallic colour. That's why I mentioned the Lotus 25 specifically, that car was a particularly nice colour.
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  5. THE X-MAN

    THE X-MAN Gold Forum Sponsor Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Well I guess if you wanted to color of the Lotus 25 that's pretty dam close.......lol
    I'm glad it worked out for you, Sometimes I enjoy the crazy stuff.

  6. TrunkMonkey417


    Any suggestions on who to get replacement lenses from? I’ve seen some from SeekOptics and Revent Optics.

  7. Wicked

    Wicked Premium Member

    You can get Custom cut OEM lenses....there’s that option to.

    I.E. Custom cut Prizm Sapphire Polars for Penny:
    The X-MAN Customs Corner - A0932D75-1456-40CA-BC21-323A757CF8C3.jpeg

  8. TrunkMonkey417


    Who does those? Is there anyone in particular I should look at?

  9. Chris515000

    Chris515000 Premium Member

    @Chris A Hardaway is the man.
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  10. TrunkMonkey417


    Thanks. I sent you a pair of glasses last week. Can’t wait to get them back. So stoked to see how they turn out!

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