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This XX is just nuts


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And bolts. Yes you read right. No pins just nuts and bolts. On eBay now, act fast! Oakley X Metal XX
From the eBay ad:

The frame started out as a gold/silver with 24k iridium lenses then was refinished to a polished silver with Revant Ice Iridum Polarized lenses. All Unobtanium pieces have been replaced, and every screw is brand new. Flex bridge features bolt and nut for ease of maintenance in the place of the standard rivet. (Ask any X Metal owner how fun the rivets are to take out/put in and you will understand).

Comes with:

X Metal XX Frame

Revant Ice Iridum Polarized lenses (new)

Oakley 24k Iridium lenses (not good shape)

Oakley HDO microfiber

Revant microfiber

T6 hardware screwdriver

Oakley case with foam/slot for extra lenses


If you would like the display, simply send a message and it can be arranged.

The X metal series has been the most sought after collection in Oakley history, and I do hope that this pair will go to a fellow enthusiast that will enjoy them as much as I do.

Thank you.

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