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  1. BalboaH2O

    BalboaH2O Oakley Beginner

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    Just arrived today. Ordered the Jaws (Cavendish) without seeing or trying them on in person, based on your guys' positive posts, and the plethora of bosoxyacht's pictures :). They are AWESOME. Great design, fit, adjustable arms, and other features... and the Prizm Road Lens is immaculate. Looks great both inside and out, Crisp and clean... can't wait to test it out further. The hard case is of course a welcomed perk of the sport group, and the Cavendish micro/bag with the built in pocket for a extra lens is a nice touch. Compared to the plain package that most Lifestyle sunglasses have, for a similar price, this Jawbreaker just feels like a higher-end item. I can see why it goes in and out of stock so quickly.

    The Turbines fit me well too. I've got a Greco-Roman, busted several times, nose - so bigger bridged frames, and lenses are more comfortable and suit me better than small, narrow types. I'm also partial to 8-base curve frames as I like my peripherals shielded. Eyepatch2, Offshoot, Radar, M, etc., and I guess Pit Bulls are about the narrowest I'll go. Been eying the Grey Smoke/Jade Polar, and I like special edition stuff, so the TDF was an easy pick, but when I saw the PRIZM SALT WATER POLARIZED available last week I jumped on it right away! (Online went OOS quick and still out) Theses lenses don't disappoint. They have a slight blue tint to the mirror iridium, different than ice blue which is more... blue ;). The mirror effect is still very crisp and hides the eyes, but the hint of blue tint looks subtle yet intriguing. It doesn't looked like a lens dipped in blue like the ice, or Jade, fire etc. The light was setting outside so I didn't capture the colors as well in the pics as they are in person. I'll try again tomorrow if anyone is interested. Looking out they have a slight warm contrast, but not sandy or brown like Titanium/Tungston/Gold Iridium nor amber. The Jade and Grey lenses of the other two Turbines are the usual Neutral crisp and clear view that are used in other styles as well. Not enough strong light out to tell the difference of the Polar vs non-P lenses, but no complaints or blemishes detected - which is always nice. Anyhow, enough babble, here the new shades... :cool-20:

    Three Turbines (1:Deep Sea!) and a Jawbreakerrrr - IMAG0673.jpg
    Three Turbines (1:Deep Sea!) and a Jawbreakerrrr - IMAG0674.jpg
    Three Turbines (1:Deep Sea!) and a Jawbreakerrrr - IMAG0685.jpg
    Three Turbines (1:Deep Sea!) and a Jawbreakerrrr - IMAG0669.jpg
    Three Turbines (1:Deep Sea!) and a Jawbreakerrrr - IMAG0671.jpg
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  2. OakleyGuru379

    OakleyGuru379 What is that thing?!

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    Very nice! I also have the Cavs and love them!
  3. Brettc10

    Brettc10 Oakley Expert

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    Nice pick-ups!! I really like the Turbines. I have the Daily Prizm pair and really like them!