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Discussion in 'Oakley Collections Area' started by Tidezealot, 11/10/17.

  1. Tidezealot

    Tidezealot Premium Member

    Thanks my friend. Those words mean a lot, you’ve always got the cool look working for you.
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  2. Tidezealot

    Tidezealot Premium Member

  3. Tidezealot

    Tidezealot Premium Member

    Another Platinum Valve 1.0 destined for new lenses.

    Tidezealot's stuff - 20190212_215507.jpg Tidezealot's stuff - 20190212_215519.jpg

  4. Tidezealot

    Tidezealot Premium Member

    Jupiter Camo Jawbone frame came today.

    I've had the non vented +Red lenses for years, so they finally came in handy.

    Tidezealot's stuff - 20190212_215554.jpg Tidezealot's stuff - 20190212_215623.jpg

  5. RandyVH1984

    RandyVH1984 Premium Member

    Very impressive collection. Definitely an inspiration. Thank you for sharing.
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  6. Tidezealot

    Tidezealot Premium Member

    I appreciate your kind words my man. :hi:
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  7. RandyVH1984

    RandyVH1984 Premium Member

    I just like how you have a mixture of new 'and' old. I think that it is very cool.
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  8. Tidezealot

    Tidezealot Premium Member

    Custom metallic " Tidezealot Green " Five Squared - Ikon Fire Mirror Polarized courtesy of @Rick58

    Tidezealot's stuff - 20190224_184718.jpg Tidezealot's stuff - 20190224_184737.jpg
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  9. RandyVH1984

    RandyVH1984 Premium Member

    Would look good with my green work shirts. Lol. Looks really slick.
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