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🦘Tips on How to Collect Oakleys, But Still Stay Married!

Bought Oakley’s for both sons and a daughter... knowing one son is a a fan of costa’s, I usually get the Oakley’s gifted back. Went to track meet last week for a grand daughter and thought, hey, what cool Oakley’s can I get her ! (The wife wears ray bans)
When i buy too many sneakers and my wife notices i buy her 1 pair. For oakleys she doesn't really notice since most don't have boxes and if they do have boxes they are small. But when she does say something about my oakleys i just tell her they are good investment
Mine tells me that I don't wear all the pairs that I own now but still want to buy more. I tell her that I try to have a rotation or just whatever I'm in the mood to wear. One year I bought her a pair of the women's frames during tax season; we went on vacation somewhere, stayed in a hotel, then packed up and went home. When we got home she couldn't find her Oakleys. She then realizes that she probably left them at the hotel we stayed at and were in the sheets on the bed. I say this because the frames I got her came with a white women's Oakley case. After that she says she wasn't owning another pair of Oakleys.

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