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  1. ducatiti

    ducatiti Oakley Enthusiast

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    So I have an x squared that seems to be tight when doing the lens exchanges. From what I have observed, each time I replace the lens, the edges get scratched or chipped. On the other hand, my OEM ruby may be slight bigger than my fire.

    Do you guys push from the top to pop the lens out, and install top first? I am awaiting delivery of two OEM lenses and would like to be careful moving forward. I would like to know the best way of doing these lens swaps. On my Juliet's, I have no problems because the lenses pop in and out easily without force.
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  2. gulfstream

    gulfstream Oakley Collector

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    Hi mate,

    I also initially found the X Squared a tough change. But, I have also had difficult Juliet swaps (recently). 1st gen small frame.

    Anyway, on the X Squared you may need a wedge to just hold the orbital open while you insert a new lens (top loading first). Not always necessary but a rubber wedge could help you out.
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  3. supersharp

    supersharp X-Metal Connoisseur Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    XS has typically been a tight frame. I usually set the bottom of the lens in the groove while slightly opening the frame with my fingers and pushing the top in from the front. Sounds more complicated than it actually is. I've had good success with this method so far.