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Today Was A Good Day


The Crawling Chaos
Premium Member
Mesa, AZ
I stopped by Bicycle Haus to pick up some fuel and they had the new strawberry honey stinger waffles. They taste awesome. In the parking lot I saw this beautiful work of Italian art.



Then Art's Cyclery posted on facebook that they had 3 echelon radars left on their website, I got one of them. And finally, as I was about to get off of work, the awesome guys at the vault called me to let me know that they just got these in.

DAMN NICE FERRARI!!!! I had to snap a few pix of mine too!!!!!

I can dream can't I ???????
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wow that car is awesome and so are the radars I wish I had a pair, and a vault closer than 6 hours away :(
Wow, why didn't i received an Oakley baseball together with my radar staple?
Damn. Love those baseball ones - hadn't seen those.

And I REALLY want the Echelon Radars. Sigh...Your post made me call the local Vault and make sure they hadn't gotten in anything cool.