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Tortoise Blue Frogskins LX


Oakley Beginner
I'm not a huge fan of acetate frames, but I really liked this colour way when I first spotted them on a Japanese website, but the price tag put me off a little bit. That all changed when I tried them on.

I'm Asian so I'm pretty limited with what frames fit my nose, and I just get away with Frogskins, but the LX Frogs fit me so much better, much closer to how the Gen 1 Frogs feel on my face. The arms are a fair bit longer as well.

I'd like to say this was a planned purchase, but it was only mis-communication with a shop assistant in a Hong Kong Shadestation (Where she offered an additional 10% off from the 20% discount promotion they were already offering) that convinced me to buy these, and I don't regret it.

My friends thought I was mental, going into the shop with a pair of Frogs on my face, and coming out with a different pair on.

They certainly have a much "classier" look to them IMHO, but aesthetically I still prefer classic frogs, but the LX is superior in fit and feel for me.

I apologise unreservedly for the tacky Instagram photo


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Oakley Expert
New Jersey
Nice ... I just got my e-mail today that my navy/red LX frogs shipped out - haven't seen a real picture of these yet ... will post a pic when they arrive ...

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