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Discussion in 'Oakley Display Case Discussion' started by PvtRyan, 1/11/19.

  1. hondazcrxsi


    Oh yea. It’s the really tall roof

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

    Nice. I dont mind not being able to stand up in mine. I make other people get in there :lol:

  3. hondazcrxsi


    I’m not that tall, I could have stood up in the short roof one but the tall roof adds a lot of storage space above
    "TRUMP" likes this.

  4. Nortika

    Nortika Premium Member

    Depending where your located, you can go to Home Depot and rent a truck for a few hours if you don’t have one for really cheep
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  5. PvtRyan


    My BIL has a Tundra, but it will be sticking out of the tail gate. If vertically, it would be too tall. The drive is like 20 miles. Are the glasses removable?

  6. Nortika

    Nortika Premium Member

    When you say glasses do you me shelves? The shelves are removable

  7. Nortika

    Nortika Premium Member

    Like others have said, get moving blankets to put down then lay the tower on top of it, if it sticks out it past the tail gat you should still be fine, just get a couple ratchet straps to hold it in place and around the backend to keep it from sliding out
    Oaklimus Prime likes this.

  8. Jmgarcia


    I gave you all the answers already, your going to be that guy that dumps a Oakley case in the middle of the highway aren’t you?
    Oaklimus Prime and Nortika like this.

  9. Oaklimus Prime

    Oaklimus Prime Premium Member

    If he is, I will follow him and scoop it up and bring to my house? Where you located @PvtRyan ?
    Jmgarcia likes this.

  10. Oaklimus Prime

    Oaklimus Prime Premium Member

    I’ll make sure the beer is cold if anyone is stopping by.......
    Blondie likes this.

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