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Discussion in 'Recent Oakley Purchases' started by Kaduku, 6/18/11.

  1. Kaduku


    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. ucdavis4PT0gpa


    Could have been more aggressive with the graphics. As usual lately the company is taking the more toned down (or cheap-or both) approach. I'd buy some of these if they popped more cause I like the movies but no go. I mean, really...its for a movie about transforming robots for crying out loud-I can think of a half dozen cool graphics that could have been done.

  3. Kaduku


    They aren't too bad, I'm just glad that they made another set of 3D glasses that were limited edition. I might use them for casual use with the spare set of fire iridium lenses I have. I hope they make a special edition Pit Boss and Fuel Cell because they will probably go nuts with the graphics.

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