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  1. Brettc10

    Brettc10 Oakley Expert

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    Sorry about the bad picture but here is my shelf in my display case of a few Transformers Items.
    TS Gascans changed out the lens to Blk Iridium. Box, G1 Bumble bee Toy Figure (Mint Condition)
    Print in back is about as cool as it gets. Peter Cullen Signed Transformers Metal Plate.
    That is one of a kind since I printed it. It is printed onto brushed metal and I had Peter sign
    it at a transformers convention in Pasadena, Ca. I will put up better picts later I just figured out how to do it.
    This was taken by my phone.
    Oakley Case :: Transformers.jpg picture by brettc10 - Photobucket
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  2. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

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    pretty cool looking self....
    like the setup dude!
  3. Hed568

    Hed568 Oakley Expert

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    Very nice! Im looking forward to seeing a close up of that metal plate! Sweet setup! And thanks for sharing