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Trip To IKEA :biggrin:


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last weekend i made a trip with my girl to an outlet village . . .
she found nothing, so i thought, lets stop by IKEA. every time we went there, she found something . . . so like my guess we bought some stuff
the good think is that an Oakley store is close. and so i stoped there as well :biggrin:

and this is what i got

BMX Radar 30% off

Blend jacket 50% off

t-shirt and USB stick for free :tongue:
2GB USB stick
you will get those shirt if you customize a pair...
this is what they told me. but i got it for FREE
Reeeeally nice pick-up on the BMX Radars.

But I assume that, in the spirit of the trip to IKEA, you had to put them together yourself at home.

Never knew you could get flat-pack Oakleys.

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