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^ Yes...


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Welcome @WStewart

Ha! this thread feels like it fell out of an episode of collectors antique roadshow.

I am interested to be in line to purchase when you qualify for the exchange section! awesome story and an excellent find. I agree with the valuations on here where if at auction (eBay) with more overhead cost and exposure you could get more or less the market value. Perfect collectors grade would be what you would pick up in-store and of course the absolute would be a sealed unopened example. Even in-store, they would open the boxes to make sure everything is there.

I think a good price for your pair would start at $800 and the one with cardboard $900 if the condition is as expected. One fault on these pairs is the coating on the inside of the lenses even without wear tends to peel and delaminate. Definitely check that when you can, you should notice small wrinkles near the frame.
Yep, I've experienced delaminating with my Oakley sunglasses in the past so I know what you are talking about. I checked the pair we have here and no issues. I see pics on here with a close up of the lens so I'll add that to the pics when we finally get cleared for getting on the sale page. laughed when I read your "antique roadshow" comment. Pretty much how I feel after stumbling into this forum.

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