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Two New Oakley Antix!


I love working Dispatch
I just ordered a second Fonseca Antix from Oakley.com for displaying, and my first Devil's Brigade Antix from Badness on oakleyforum! I am super happy right now.
I was a bit surprised my Ernesto Fonseca antix shipped out today since the site says it's on backorder. *shrug*
I will post pictures once I get them! Now i have to wait...argh.

Thank you for Badness for selling me his Antix! probably my new favorite frame.
@Del518, thank's man!

@SpliceD - you've got to! in person it looks amazing. It comes with a wristband as well. The artist did a nice job with the fish, and on the microbag as well.
The Fonseca Antix is one of the most beautiful pairs to look at on display. I wear it occasionally, but I love having it on display.