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Two New Pair Today....


I have a few pair.....
Upstate New York
Picked these up today at The Vault......(yup...they are crappy pics, sorry)

Eye Patch........Grey Smoke with Grey lenses.

Ichiro Radar:) I didn't think I would still find these around!

They also had the STPL Radar....but I just couldn't part with the $179..........plus the Jade lens I would get for them. Also, got a couple of T Shirts and Hoodies.

There are also 2 additional pairs in the mail that I bought. I will post later this week.
dang you DEL518! you bought my Ichiro Radar! lol jk, but congrat's on the radar man! i personally love the silver with ghost text over the blue frost with silver ghost text. I like the silver and the baby blue icons! sweet pair man. Will you be wearing them? or use them more as a showpiece? I hope to get a pair myself someday, but seeing as they are radars would probably never wear them. But, Im a big seattle mariners fan, and i am a big ichiro fan, so it'd be perfect to add to my collection.
Yes i know the mariners sucked the last several seasons but i love them still. They tied the MLB record with 116 wins in a season. Hard to believe now day's huh.
Yes Yosh.........I will be wearing them. Funny thing is when I tried them on.....they didn't seem to fit right. Keep in mind I have a huge dome piece (if you look at a picture with my wife and I in it......my head looks like a pumpkin and my wife's looks like a strawberry). Anyways, I just thought I would need to get use to them as I don't have any Radars in my collection. I was pleased to find out that they cam with a secondary nose piece (bomb). Once I swapped those out.....they were good to go.
They had those Radars at the Vault?!?! And I wish they made more Asian fit frames..specifically Lifestyle ones
sweet . . . nice adds!!

i wish i would have a vault close to where i live - ohh no better not it's expensive enough to feed the addiction with all that www shopping tours

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