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Twoface 9189-01 and 9189-30


Oakley Expert
Premium Member
eh, so it seems I am out of luck and these are discontinued

The closest thing that would probably still be available would be the OO9189-37. The upper frame is polished and the lenses are Black Iridium. The only difference is the lower frame is matte black rather then the gunmetal lowers found on the OO9189-01.

These are still around on secondary sites, not directly from Oakley. I check the parts and service site and they no longer carry Black Iridium or Black Iridium Polarized lenses for these.


Oakley Beginner
I just tried them outside, they are not bad, but after wearing Black Iridium they just don't feel right, Black iridium feels a lot more neutral, blue sky still looks blue but with these it becomes very slightly violet..I guess being used to something is a factor here, I am still looking online, if I can't find back iridium I may will have to get used to something else..

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