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U.S tribute shelf - redoing my tower part 1..

Jacob Carstens

I am Jim Jannard...
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hi guys,
In the process of redoing my tower as I am totally swamped :eek:
Decided to make the top shelf a U.S tribute - since Oakley is/was a U.S company and my main collecting objective are the Collegiate Series.
Hope you guys like it ;)

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Thank you all :D
For those wondering which they are - here's the inventory;
Texas A&M Minute
Michigan Minute
Georgia Minute
Texas Longhorns Minute
OSU Minute
Washington XX - well the Lenses are Washington not sure about the frame as it according to O-review should be purple and my frame color isn't listed. Came from Oakley sports marketing.
Tennessee XX
Georgia XX
Stanford XX
Florida State XX
Florida State Minute
Wisconsin Minute
Penn State Minute
That's all folks :lolsign: