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  1. A-ROG

    A-ROG Oakley Enthusiast

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    Good card IMO. Cain vs JDS has to happen. Glover could be a LHW champ if Jones wasn't in his way. What did y'all think?
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  2. dr.chop

    dr.chop Oakley Expert

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    I think there were some decent fights. I also think for the most part, it was sh!t. Cain/Bigfoot was a waste of time. Knew how it would end and if I were near Vegas/laughlin, I was gonna drop money on a stoppage first round. JDS looked like utter dog **** against a guy who was gassed after the first round. It took him damn near 2 more rounds to stop him? Really? And the kick didn't hurt him, it knocked him off balance cuz his gassed ass legs could barely hold him up as it was. Now the punch on the ground, yeah, that was legit...but his head bounced like a ball first lol. Glad like hell to see Colton get his ass handed to him. He was a prick cheap shot sucker punch artist in the season, lazy ass smothering wrestler in the finale with Ricci, and got what he had coming. Maynard should seriously hang it up even if Dana/Silva don't hand him his walking papers. Dude has lost the heart. It showed when twice he had Edgar in serious trouble and couldn't pull the trigger and close the show. Twice!! Now, lights out.Was killer to see Cerrone kick the crap out of Noons. He just flat beat his ass. Clearly and pronounced. If Noons was such a great boxer, wtf was he thinking trying to kick with a kick boxer. Cerrone showed much better boxing changing levels, moving way better, and landing shots...

    Bring on Silva/Jones...That will make this much better to watch, cuz these are getting too damn predictable.