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UK Military Discount


Oakley Beginner
Just joined this forum to get some information on the model I have before looking to purchase replacement new lenses. Some members kindly provided this info.

I discovered today that I can get 15% off all Oakley products from their on-line shop by using a code obtainable from the UK Defence Discount Service which costs £5 a year. Highly recommended... so for all those who served your Country, fill your boots.

Defence Discount Service Official - The only official forces discount website for the Armed Forces, families and Veterans

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Oakley Expert
I think you can get much better pricing on their SI site if you are active military. I think I had about 50% off when I was in the army here in Norway. 15% is decent on their regular site though. Welcome btw


Oakley Expert
You don't need to be active duty to gain access to SI merchandise. Every year I send them a copy of my Veterans ID card and they allow me access.

Had to be active here at least, might have changed though since I left. If the Shocktube was better I might have tried ;)

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