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UK X-metal servicing. Cerakoting. Custom cut lenses. Stripped screw heads. UK

Just putting this out there for the UK and EU members.

I do repins for all X-metals. Quality job always and back to factory tight.

I will also polish polished frames that have scratches. Take them back to new looking. Just add £5. Check bottom picture for what they look like when polishing service is done.

I charge £47.55 for the job and that includes return postage for the UK special delivery.

CERAKOTING available now! £120, Includes, Stripdown, cerakote refinish, retune back to factory tight and, postage back. Pictures below of finished jobs.

EU members, there are customs charges since the UK left the European Union.

Just message me if you want a pair doing.

I have literally done hundreds.

Thanks, guys.

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Yes please. How do I contact you?