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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by FrogTastic, 4/25/11.

  1. FrogTastic


    I wonder, has anyone been able to pickup any of the ultra limited pieces? Banana Record Frogs, Eastern Boarder Frogs, Blue Topcoats, Snow Jungle Racing Jackets, Neon Green Monster Dogs, and loads more.

    Anyone? Please post pix, you just don't see these guys enough.

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. BAPD77

    BAPD77 Premium Member

  3. FrogTastic


    Any non release dor conference pieces?

  4. tmsnewberry


    I have both of the original eastern boarders the se and the 3d, trying to get a pair of the part 3 ones

  5. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Staff Member Administrator

    Wow, those are super rare! Post some pics if you get a chance, would love to see them!

  6. FrogTastic


    I've only got afew rep sales pieces and conference sunnies.

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