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Discussion in 'Oakley Watches Discussion' started by Jorzaky, 2/19/16.

  1. Jorzaky


    Hi all, I have made some changes to the list & add some missing ones ( In red ).
    Oakley state Fusebox as - 395 battery. I checked the movement tech sheet and states 399 see link below ( if the movement has an alarm the battery will most likely be W - not a SW ) W's are for watch with alarms as they draw more from the circuit )
    This is the first forum I have joined so I am still trying to work out how it works. If I stuff up please let me know.

    Hope this make sense as my spelling is not my strong point......

    Hope this helps.

    12 Gauge-SR927SW/ 395
    Blade 1and 2: SR920SW/371
    Bottle Cap-SR920SW/ 371
    Bullet: SR916SW
    Crankcase 3 (small hands)- SR920SW/ 371
    Crankcase 3 (Large hands)- SR920SW/ 371

    Crankcase- ( Chrono ) SR927SW/395
    Crush 2 SR920SW/371
    Crush 2.5 SR621SW/ 364
    Crush: SR920SW/371
    Detonator: SR927W/ 399
    Double Tap: SR927SW/395
    D.5: CR2016
    D1 and D2: CR2025
    D3: CR2016
    Fusebox-SR927W/ 399 ( See movement link - http://www.isaswiss.com/public/ftp/mouvements_docs/technique/8176-1990.pdf )
    Gearbox-SR920SW/ 371
    GMT-SR927W/ 399
    Holeshot 3 hand small ( eta mov't 804.111 ) SR726SW/ 397
    Holeshot 3 hand small ( eta mov't 804.112 ) SR626SW/ 377
    Holeshot 3 hand Large SR626SW 377
    Holeshot ( Chrono ) SR939SW/ 394

    Hollow Point-SR927SW/ 395
    Judge II Dual Time SR916SW/ 373
    Judge 2: SR927SW/395
    Judge: SR927SW/395
    Jury (Ladies): 341/ 315
    Jury II (Ladies): 341/ 315
    Kill Switch: SR920SW/371
    Minute Machine/ Time Tank- SR927SW/395
    Time Bomb 1- 30235MZ (let's not argue about semantics :) )
    Time Bomb Icon- 30273MZ
    Torpedo: SR516SW
    Transfer Case-SR920SW/ 371
    Warrant-SR920SW/ 371
    Saddleback: SR920SW - 371

    Read more: Battery Guide
    Last edited: 2/28/16

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