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  1. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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    Hi All,

    A piece of feedback we as the Mod team have consistently received is around the rules in place - typically that they leave way too much to interpretation. We put in hard work to create the rules below - which mirror the rules we have today with a few key highlights below. Please review the key changes and take a minute to read the rules below:

    Key highlights
    1. Only Premium Members may post WTB/WTS/WTT etc. in their signatures, please edit your signature appropriately if you are not a premium member
    2. There are now two levels of Forum Sponsors - Gold and Platinum - All current sponsors instantly are Platinum.
      1. If you represent an eBay Store, Organization, Entity, Company etc. you will need to be a Forum Sponsor to be on the site; We will be contacting these members privately who will need to either change their username / remove all company references, or upgrade memberships
      2. To support this change, and understanding that their are smaller companies who we love having on the site, we have introduced the Gold Forum Sponsor membership. Read more here: Oakley Forum Sponsor Membership

    Would say these 4 rules are the major/minor differences - but should improve the overall site - besides that the rules below really just expand on our previous guidelines to provide further detail for members wanting clarification.

    As always looking forward to discussing with you gents.
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  2. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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    Complete Rules

    Rules For The Exchange & Discussion Forums - (All Rules Apply Site-Wide)
    Thank you for choosing OakleyForum.com. The rules below govern our site – should you have any questions – please reach out to the Moderator team in the
    Forum Rules / Suggestions .

    SECTION 1- Membership Levels Defined:

    OakleyForum.com is supported by members who have paid subscriptions. These different subscription levels offer various perks and benefits. As such, restrictions apply based on when/how you can buy/sell/advertise on this site. If you do not meet the requirements outlined, you may not sell on this site – NO EXCEPTIONS!

    Premium Members – Premium Members have instant access to the Oakley Exchange areas, and may post Want to Buy, Want to Sell, or Want to Trade threads.
    • Premium members are not allowed to sell on behalf of a store, friend, wholesaler, company or organization.
    • May advertise for WTB, WTS and WTT listings within their signature
    • Complete benefits are outlined here: Oakley Forum Premium Membership

    Gold Forum Sponsors - Forum Sponsors are defined as a Store, eBay Store, Wholesaler, Flipper, Company or Organization that is representing, selling or advertising on behalf of an entity. Gold Forum Sponsor rules:
    • In order to represent your store on this site, you MUST purchase a Forum Sponsor membership
    • Only Forum Sponsors MAY post a link to their website Homepage within their profiles
    • Gold Forum Sponsors MAY include up to 1 link/description within their signatures
    • Gold Forum Sponsors MAY sell on behalf of a store within the appropriate exchange section
    • Gold Forum Sponsors MAY NOT actively advertise their items/promote products/solicit business on the forum, via PM etc. (outside of appropriate exchange threads)
    • Complete benefits are outlined here: Oakley Forum Sponsor Membership

    Platinum Forum Sponsors- Forum Sponsors are defined as a Store, eBay Store, Wholesaler, Flipper, Company or Organization that is representing, selling or advertising on behalf of an entity. Platinum Forum Sponsor rules:
    • In order to represent your store on this site, you MUST purchase a Forum Sponsor membership.
    • Only Forum Sponsors may post a link to their website Homepage within their profiles
    • Only Platinum Forum Sponsors will have their name/URL on OF's homepage
    • Only Platinum Forum Sponsors may advertise within the deal/steals thread
    • Only Platinum Forum Sponsors may actively advertise via PM, Thread posts (where relevant).
    • Only Platinum Forum Sponsors may include up to 5 links within their signature
    • Any stores or organizations meeting the criteria defined above attempt to sell on the site, they will be banned.
    • Complete benefits are outlined here: Oakley Forum Sponsor Membership

    Registered Members
    - Basic registered members will be able to view exchange listing but WILL NOT be able to post, respond or PM members regarding these items UNTIL they meet the exchange requirements as outlined:
    • To be a member for at least 14 day AND have at least 15 posts.
    • This will grant you access to the Oakley Exchange areas and the ability to received Private Messages on the forum
    • If you are looking to bypass these requirements, you may purchase a Premium Membership which offers INSTANT access to the exchange areas.
    • You CANNOT Message members asking for them to give you user information from the exchange area, if you do not have full access to said areas.
    • MAY NOT advertise for WTB, WTS and WTT listings within their signature
    *The only members who may advertise items, services or organizations on this site are Forum Sponsors!*

    SECTION 2 - Rules/Procedures for Selling, Buying, Trading, & Offering Services:
    The implementation of common sense is strongly encouraged beyond this point. This applies directly to the persons involved in the transactions.

    Read this first: The marketplace is a "use at your own risk" setup. Oakley Forum Staff will not be involved in any mediation, issue management etc. for any deals performed on the site. We do not have the facts, have no vested interest in the deals, and have no legal authority. Proceed at your own risk.

    Members may not be called our publicly (I.e rant threads defaming members); All feedback (negative and positive) is handled through the feedback system. The argument of "I want people to know" is completely ridiculous as a thread will fade away, while feedback remains in place forever. Arguments, flaming, ranting, defaming other members is not tolerated.

    1. Be 100% sure that you want to sell the item, have it in your possession and clearly list the selling price. There is no "testing the waters" or "gauge buyer interest".
    2. No sales for third parties. If your "friend" wants an item sold, they must create their own account and list it themselves.
    3. Activate/Enable your ability to private messages, from members, moderators, and administrators.
    4. When describing your items, be honest and provide an accurate & detailed description of the item. Don't forget to mention defects, blemishes, new, used, or other problems. When in doubt, be pessimistic with your descriptions. If you have a problem being honest, upfront, and are unable to honor your word then you do not belong here.
    5. Provide as many photos as possible (not required but encouraged), in the best lighting possible. It's always nice for buyers to see what they are going to get. Threads with pictures sell items faster than those without.
    6. All payments must be sent through PayPal GOODS & SERVICES! Or similar services - PayPal "Friends and Family", Venmo or other payment services offering NO protection for Buyers/Sellers are NOT allowed! Threads requesting these payments will be warned and promptly deleted
    7. If you have a Premium Membership or higher you may list currently active threads in your signature space. Please, no giant billboards and no links to eBay.
    8. You must wait 14 days (2 week rule) to relist an item for the second time. So once you list an item for sale, that item cannot appear for a second time in a sales thread until 2 weeks have passed from the date of the original thread. Any changes made to your existing sales thread (withdrawing, editing price, etc.) must be made to that thread; don't start new threads with the same items. Use a calendar if you need to. Premium Members may link in their signature but don’t make it a giant billboard.
    Bumping threads or "Bump" in the sales sections has been disabled due to abuse. See #8 above for clarification.

    1. Be 100% sure that you can financially afford to purchase the item before offering to do so. If you cannot commit 100% to buying the item, then move along. Be responsible and use your best judgement. Do not create any undue burden on people trying to sell stuff.
    2. Ask any questions needed before the deal is agreed upon, make sure you want the item being sold and that the price is affordable to you.
    3. Be prompt with your payment. The seller has the right to determine how they want payment and if they will work with you.
    4. Provide an accurate shipping address. Make sure the seller has that shipping address. Open and clear communication via email or Private Messaging is encouraged between the parties involved for every detail of the transaction.
    5. Malicious Buyers will be permanently banned from the forums. Repeatedly flaking on deals and buying items only to turn around and complain is also not a good idea. Don't waste our time.
    6. If you must back out of a deal, it is YOUR responsibility to communicate with the other person WHY you are unable to complete the transaction. Make sure this happens BEFORE any money or items have been exchanged. Problems should be attempted to be resolved between the persons involved, before Feedback threads are started.
    7. Warning: You as a buyer are responsible for using Paypal as it was intended, according to their Terms of Service. Using the "Gift" option revokes any buyer protection you may have if something goes wrong and makes it easier to get scammed. Be smart and protect yourself, if you use gift and get scammed don't come crying to us about it as you've already been advised.

    1. Be honest and provide an accurate and detailed description of the item. Forgetting to mention defects, blemishes, or other problems is your responsibility. When in doubt, be pessimistic with your descriptions.
    2. Provide as many photos as possible, in the best lighting possible. It's always nice to see what you are about to trade for
    3. If you choose not to use insurance to save money, it is your responsibility. Insurance is there to protect you, use it.
    4. Package and ship your items in such a way that they are safe to handle, will not arrived damaged, and will reach their final destination intact.
    5. Communication is key, honor your word. If you say you will do something, then do it. Since we are not dealing face to face, your word and integrity is all you will be judged on.

    Forum Sponsors/Selling:
    1. You must have a current FORUM SPONSOR membership to sell/advertise as a store/brand/organization on this site.
    2. You are allowed to have any other level of membership and take part in discussions, but unless you have a FORUM SPONSOR membership you may not:
    3. Mention or link to your business in any way
    4. Use private messaging to sell to members
    5. Include your business name in your username
    6. Use your signature or avatar to promote your business.
    7. Take part in any discussions involving your business

    SECTION 3 - Rules for Everyone -
    1. If any rules seem contradictory, the more stringent rules apply. Whenever there is doubt, ask the moderation staff.
    2. Selling on this site is restricted to the appropriate designated forums. Don't list sales threads outside the Exchange, especially without the appropriate membership.
    3. Do not list items or offer services that are illegal. This includes counterfeit, clone, and knock off items. We don't want them here, period.
    4. Make sure your threads are posted in the correct sections. Posting Frogskinsfor sale belongs in "Oakley Frogskins Exchange", not in "Oakley Sunglasses Exchange", and so on.
    5. These forums operate on honesty and integrity
    6. Duplicate/shill/returning banned members can and will be banned upon discovery. If you need accounts merged, simply start a thread in Tech Support requesting such, you will be provided instructions on how to proceed.
    7. Please do NOT post giant billboard sized signatures. Be reasonable.
    8. If you troll, antagonize, provoke, or otherwise create a disruptive environment, you will receive warnings and infractions as necessary for you to modify your behavior. Problem children that cannot behave in a civil and respectful manner need to find another place to hang out.

    SECTION 4 - Rules for Feedback -
    1. All feedback on sales or trades must be kept within the feedback system on the site
    2. It is not mandatory to leave feedback, but it is highly recommended. It serves an important purpose sharing your good and bad experiences with the community. If you need help ask us, we can help. There is only so much we can do, we are not able to help with deals that occurred on Facebook, Instagram, eBay or other places.
    3. We will not edit feedback for you unless it's an obvious error (ie negative rating for a positive transaction).
    4. Retaliatory negative feedback ratings can earn you an infraction. Getting pissed off because a deal didn't go though is no reason to try and ruin someones rep. You are expected to conduct yourself in a mature and responsible manner, failure to do so will result in warnings or infractions as necessary.
    5. If a deal did not happen, there is no Feedback to leave. Sorry if you were inconvenienced, but life is full of disappointments. As long as you are not out any items or money, move along. Consider improving the terms of your sales threads / read the sellers terms carefully in order to avoid this before buying.
    6. Threads started in the Feedback: section should contain facts that support your reason for starting a thread. Remember there is a difference between opinion and fact.Keep your topic civil or hold off posting until you've composed yourself. Complaining about a person that has exercised their rights as a seller or buyer does no good, and it may backfire on you.
    7. You need to be able to communicate in a clear, accurate, and organized manner. Insults, vulgarity, racist comments will not be tolerated whatsoever.
    8. Dog-piling for the sake of putting your 2 cents in is not going to be tolerated. If you have something useful to contribute, share it with confidence. If you are only going to contribute some silly comment, save it and move along. This has been a growing problem and we are going to be more proactive to lessen it.

    As fakes and homage items are a legal gray area and can hurt the site, no fake or homage items may be sold on the Exchange. Members may not knowingly sell unlicensed knockoffs or counterfeit versions of Oakleys (or any other goods) based upon the designs of their legitimate owner, manufacturer or custom maker. Additionally, members may not sell any Oakley or item known or suspected to be other than as described in terms of its lineage and authenticity.


    Asking a member to click on a link, subscribe to a channel or website, provide feedback, donate money or goods, sign an online petition, or “Like” a page on Facebook is considered solicitation. Our members should not be subjected to this type of spam especially under the guise that they may win something.
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  3. coolstorm92

    coolstorm92 Oakley Enthusiast

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    Neither of the 2 key updates is providing any benefit to forum members. Whyis the forum eliminating bumps and the ability to makes comments. This is not necessary to do.
  4. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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    Open to discussing these, particulary the latter

    1) Bumps add no value - just everyone jocking for position and garbage posts being added

    2) Comments - I can see some value - so really open to this being discussed, but the point is that someone is trying to sell - and it just gets out of hand and practically becoming a discussion forum!
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  5. Oakley for life

    Oakley for life Oakley Expert

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    Yes I agree... why no more "bumping"?? That makes no sense....... what do you mean by relist it after 14 days?? So are you now wanting members to try and use the "search box" more for items they are looking for? I can't tell you how many times I have bought something off here from a member, that I never knew even was made by Oakley, but I saw it in the exchange section and bought it from the member...........
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  6. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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    Have added a poll above on this to see what the forum wants!
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  7. Oakley for life

    Oakley for life Oakley Expert

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    I agree with not letting people make stupid comments on exchange threads.... you need to do a poll on if "bumps" should be continued and allowed.......
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  8. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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    Well yeah - why not use the search? The point is that members bump, but it's just whoever wrote last - just bouncing up and down - instead it should be solely based on when you initially posted. The 2 week rule is in place to prevent members from just reposting the same threads over and over.
  9. pistolpetefan23

    pistolpetefan23 Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    I agree. These are completely unnecessary changes to me. Fixing a problem that just isn't there. Sure, a few high-profile members complain about this sometimes, but to be honest, they aren't even ones that use the Exchange threads much. Bumps allow threads to be contained to just one spot, instead of numerous threads of the exact same thing. They also allow price drops to occur in order to sell an item. Now, you basically have to wait two weeks to reduce the price of something. Sure, you can edit your original post, but you have no way of communicating that to people potentially interested in purchasing. I understand discussion gets off-course in sale threads, but there have also been numerous times (daily even) that a legitimate question gets asked in a sale thread that helps everyone, either to understand what is being sold, to identify any issues with the item, or get more info/history on it.
  10. pistolpetefan23

    pistolpetefan23 Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    How are people supposed to communicate price drops or adjustments now? Just edit a For Sale thread with no way to actually get people to know the price went down?
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