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US Frogskins


Oakley Enthusiast
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Hi Oakley fans,

I live in Australia & would like to purchase the New release Frogskins Staple X 35th Purple & also the Red / Orange Fade which aren’t in Australia.

Also chasing some of the older models, Gen 1 Royal Blue & some fade models.

Does any know how I can purchase these models or is anyone willing to help me out as I am a avid collector of Frogs & X Metals.

This is most of my current collection.


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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I am Jim Jannard...
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Lafayette, Co
Welcome and Nice collection!!!

To purchase on here you have to wait a couple of weeks and post 15 times, it’s free, or you can buy a premium membership and get instant access to the exchange, there are several Australian members on here also.

That way if you find what you want people can message you if they have what your looking for, at this time you can receive messages but can’t reply

Hope you find what your looking for 😎


Something Clever
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North of NYC
Your account is from 2017, so just make 14 more posts and you’re good. Should take a couple of minutes