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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by orrb_05, 8/12/11.

  1. orrb_05


    Hey folks,

    Heres the skinny - Sold my Juliets (not on here) and the buyer is not happy. States that they are not as described. I listed them as used, but excellent condition with no issues. Buyers complaint is that the nose bridge is loose - it is. The lenses have swirls and scratches - they do have swirls and minor surface scratches. The earsocks move/rotate - they do, but they are not torn or damaged. Final complaint was that the case was worn and used - it is. My point here is that these are USED Juliets, not MINT condition, fresh out the box!!! They are pre-owned, pre-used, pre-worn. Please set me straight if I am off the deep end here. Perhaps I should have listed every little thing that goes hand in hand with used Juliets - my mistake. But I've seen Juliets in much worse condition for more than I sold these for at $145.

    Thanks for listening to me whine...

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  2. 8thWonderOfTheWorld


    tell the guy to send them in for a tune up. and the earsocks always rotate, its unavoidable unless you glue them lol

  3. del518


    No offense, but if you say they are in excellent condition....and you also admit that the lenses have swirls and minor scratches....then they are not in excellent condition as described.

  4. SpliceD


    Yah, "Excellent Condition" isn't what i would call what you described. I would've said used, but in fair/good condition. Although, if i was the buyer, i would've asked all those questions and asked for pictures before buying as i would've been suspicious at excellent condition juliets for only $145.

  5. orrb_05


    Thanks for the replies folks!! I should have been more specific, but I honestly felt that they were in excelent codition - read as very good condition - for used Juliets. Nothing cracked, bent , or broken. Just the normal and usual wear. Hence the $145 price tag. Oh well, I may get them back. If so I think I'll just keep them and send them in for the "tune-up". Thanks agian all.

  6. ucdavis4PT0gpa


    I've been a seller on eBay for 10 years...I've sold a ton of Oakley's...many of the X Metals including Juliets. I've also purchased practically every Oakley I've ever owned on eBay....but with the exception of my XX 24K (which were "pre owned" but accurately described as new and really were) I've NEVER purchased an X Metal used because of exactly issues like this. I don't want the uncertainty, I don't want to put myself through it, I don't want to put the buyer through it.

    Here is my take on your case: When new in box Plasma and X Metal Juliets sell regularly for $225-$235 and when Polished Juliets sell for $255, $145 isn't that great of a price unless the frames truly need NO WORK. Here is why: need an earsock kit? $12 w/tax in store; lenses have swirls and you need a new set? depending on what color looking at around $55-$65 on eBay; and the biggie...need a TUNE UP? Well ship it off to Oakley with your check for $70 and pay $5 for shipping and tracking for a $75 total.

    So....if you get a set that needs all that that is: $55, $12, $75 = $142. $142 plus $145 is $287. On top of the hassle and delay of all this, you could have had pretty much any Juliet in production BNIB for less.

    I believe in your case that the buyer should have asked questions...but I also believe you didn't do your part as a seller if you JUST listed these as "excellent" and didn't state the loose nosebridge and lens condition (earsocks and box condition would have helped as well, but not vital). I also think that if you DIDN'T list these things, the buyer has a valid claim because, no, their condition is not excellent. In the future I would be more detailed when selling a used item....in fact I take the approach that you can NEVER provide TOO MUCH information when selling a used item and you can never UNDER USE terms like "excellent" and "mint". What is "mint" or "excellent" to one person is barely "good" to another (I would be one of those people as I have a very high standard when it comes to my Oakley's).

  7. Typhoon


    I would have to agree that the condition of the frame as you described would be closer to 'fair' rather than 'excellent'. Anyone who knows or ahve owed the model would know what conditions to ask - for otherd it an aspirational model and dont know about the possible issues with the nose flex.

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