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  1. keptman

    keptman Oakley Enthusiast

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    Just realized looking on here that the f&f discount is going on. Going to have to go back.
    Picked up the limited edition vintage wire rereleases.

    Got a Square wire Brushed/Vr28 BIP, and a T-wire.
    Don't have pics yet the Wi-Fi is down and can't upload good pics from camera yet. I also got a Half jacket 2.0 for the wife. Got a couple of lenses for stock.
    They have a bunch of the e-wire in BIP. Only one Gold iridium and it was a display that had hella scratches.

    From the looks of it the Vintage collection stuff is being cleared out in the vaults. Only paid 129$ each for them.

    I'll get pics up later or when I get home.
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  2. keptman

    keptman Oakley Enthusiast

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    Vacation In Gulf Shores Hit The Vault - DSC06678_zps7c035db7.jpg

    After going back they were telling everyone about the 25% discount. So I just had to pick up some more stuff.

    Straight Jacket / VR28BI swapped out to fire that are straight yellow. No color change in them.

    Big taco / Ice Pol this was just for the lenses. going to get cut for Romeo. They were a red tag item.

    Chip Foose Fuel cell / swapped out the lenses with Violet ird pol.

    Half Jacket 2.0 / fire

    T-wire / chrome

    Square wire / VR28 BIP

    Radarlock pitch / Fire

    Found a nice looking Ruby for my Juliet. Got a bunch of bags on the 3 for 10$ along with some extra free ones. Would of got a couple more things had my wife not run me out of there.