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Value Of Staple Radar?

Yeah you might want to hold off on selling those. They were originally $200 MSRP, but I have seen them in a few Vaults for $179 and they don't look to be flying off the shelves there.
Yup - I have a pair too

I got an exceptionally good deal on a pair - think I'll buy a decent lens (the yellow is a little silly) and just wear them. They are definitely different.
It all depends if you're looking to sell for profit or not. Like others have said, they were released with an MRSP of around $200, and I know plenty of places that still have them for sale at that price or less. As they were released quite a while ago now and people still aren't buying them does that mean they are not worth that? As I've said in may other threads, value is a personal thing, you decide how much you think they're worth. If someone else agrees with your or not is a completely different matter.

If you're looking to sell for profit hold on to them, but I think you'd need to hold on to them for another good year before their collectability/value starts to pick back up. You could always try Christmas time as well.

It's odd, STPL did an amazing design on the Frogskins, but the Jawbones and Radar were just dull by comparison.