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  1. sunglassfiend

    sunglassfiend Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member

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    I constantly come across this issue. I find a decent pair of Oakleys on eBay or another site but the seller doesn't have the box or papers. This usually brings up a red flag in my mind, but a lot of times it seems like the seller just didn't think you needed them or they were worthless.

    I guess the box and papers only really bring value for collectors. But how do you decide how much value it adds or subtracts.

    I.e I'm looking at this pair of Jordans:

    and they don't come with the Aluminum box or papers. This always makes it hard for me to value a pair. How much do you guys think the box/bag/papers is worth for a normal pair/ a rare pair. I.e Penny's vs. OTT's?
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  2. CarGuy

    CarGuy Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    A common coloway = ~$50
    An uncommon colorway or grail = $100-400
    Extreme example: Mars Emerald was a SGH exclusive colorway. If you have the box with number match label it proves that this pair is genuine and not a common colorway pair that had lenses installed after-the-fact.
    A numbers match box is good proof of provenance and I would agree with you that boxes, papers and provenance mean more to collectors. Or someone thinking of future resale.
    Oh, and the Mars Leather did not come with the aluminum X Metal vault, only a sleeved box.