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  1. headpatrolman

    headpatrolman O Addict

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    The vault in Jamestown , just outside of Williamsburg had a ton of stuff I had not seen in other vaults. Nothin big in actual clearance glasses but the clothing & accessories selection was better than vaults in NJ & Fla. That I have been to. Large selection of Juliet lenses. (Ice, ruby, emerald, bi, BIP, vr28 bip, fire, fire P, & grey). Lots of diff micro bags. (James Stewart, Shaun White, Jupiter Camo, max fear, blacklight, Asec, countries & more). Battalion boots and lows in normal sizes. Huge selection of $10 tees. Also had some of the new e-wires for $90. I had not seen them on vault.com & not heard they were clearance yet.

    I got a Jup camo hat, ice Julliet lenses, a sweatshirt, some micro bags & a tee. Great vault to check out if you are in the area
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