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  1. RexxCastle

    RexxCastle Oakley Enthusiast

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    Did anyone else notice that alot of pairs nearly doubled in price at the vault website in the last 24 hours?
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  2. the_owl

    the_owl Oakley Expert

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    If it ends in .00 instead of .99, its the retail price. not sure why they are set that way.
  3. QLR1

    QLR1 I like it when you call me Q Premium Member

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    I am hoping it is a glitch... all the Holbrooks definitely jumped in price.
  4. Sunglass Shack

    Sunglass Shack Oakley Enthusiast

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    I have asked this question before to my Rep. He said Oakley simply wants to use even pricing like $100 or $140 for retail because they say it's clean. Oakley is a big enough entity they don't need to try and trick the customer over a penny. However, they will use .99 pricing to actually get your mind thinking they are on sale. They say not only does the price look cheaper (39.99 makes you think they're just 30 something bucks, much cheaper feeling than a blatant $40 ticket) but also emphasizes sale. At least that's what I was told. =)
  5. spin_nin

    spin_nin Oakley Expert

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    Yes, for sure, some of the prices are set back to original MSRP. I looked at the Crankcase and they are back to their full retail price,
  6. the piper

    the piper Oakley Collector

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    wow wish I had locked in the Brown Tort Crank anyone have one for less than 110 out there new but Box not absolutely necessary...guess Ill just have to cough up 4 on ebay but its hard to buy something that was 69.99 2 days ago for 110...damn Don't the Cranks kind of belong back on regular site if they are full price?
  7. headpatrolman

    headpatrolman O Addict

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    Yeah can't see why they increased price on pairs they have been selling much cheaper for months
  8. NiGHTSx2

    NiGHTSx2 Oakley Collector

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    The Vault used to adjust pricing all the time, although usually in the downward direction. I have noticed that over the past few months, most of the pricing has been pretty stagnant. I have no idea why they recently increased prices though. Maybe it has something to do with laws prohibiting continuously marking items as "sale" unless they have been sold at a higher price? You know...like how at Macy's the jewelery is perpetually 50% off, except for that one day a quarter they sell the item at full price, just so they can comply with the law. Just a wild guess.
  9. Mdgustaf

    Mdgustaf Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    From numerous viewings of the vault I have found some common occurrences that might help explain this. It seems that whoever is in charge of maintenance and upkeep of the vault website has some issues with scripting, or just isn't the best website manager around. Either way, it seems that every-time they go about doing some maintenance or updating the items available on the site they have this same problem. Sometimes it results in half the items on any given page missing, sometimes the prices go all funky (like you are describing here), and sometimes the page completely goes blank (if you checked at the right time last night you would of found absolutely no sunglasses for sale from the Vault website). For example, when I was buying my JFL's off the vault all of a sudden the whole JFL sale page went corrupt. It stayed like this for about 10 hours then was fixed (where I was finally able to buy the JFL without issues). This appears to just be regular issues they have while maintaining the website. Usually if you check back within 24 hours they have fixed the problem. So long story short, don't be too worried if you saw a pair you wanted that has all of a sudden disappeared or gone back up to msrp, typically these are just glitches and will resolve themselves in time (obviously the vault does occasionally sellout of products and in that case the item would essentially disappear from the site, it is very rare that a product on the vault goes back up to full retail). Hope this helps!!!
  10. i am rich

    i am rich The Silly Collector!

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    Vault Price Increase?? - pa3ezepe.jpg Vault Price Increase?? - 4avutepe.jpg

    Come on man!!!!
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