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  1. MarcelN

    MarcelN Oakley Beginner

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    On Monday I got my Olympic Radarlocks. Finally got some time to take better pictures.

    As some of you might know, this stuff is really rare. They were only available to the Olympic athletes during 2012 London OG and possibly during the last event in Sochi. I got the matte retina burn and matte team green frame. Both are Edge versions, but the fit is almost the same as the regular version. I also got H.I.Persimmon Path lens and Ruby phtochromic Pitch lens.

    Matte Retina Burn - the color might look a bit darker in the pictures than the standard retina, but it's camera fault and lacks of sun. It's just like a standard retina in a direct sunlight, altough might appear not as bright as regular retina in the darker environment, thanks to it's matte finish and not gloss.
    Very Special Radarlocks + Custom FJs - NpqekPH.jpg

    Very Special Radarlocks + Custom FJs - LhNyKxx.jpg

    Very Special Radarlocks + Custom FJs - IbZzpAh.jpg

    Matte Team Green - I have customised this set with red earsocks and red iridium lens. Looks stunning in real life (the green is a bit brighter).

    Very Special Radarlocks + Custom FJs - hLLWXHc.jpg

    Very Special Radarlocks + Custom FJs - dTaNCoW.jpg

    HI Persimmon lens ended in my old pair of Matte Black Ink Radarlocks. Lovely pair:

    Very Special Radarlocks + Custom FJs - 1vdQ1sQ.jpg

    Custom Fast Jacket - Team Cardinal with Blue Iridium lens - got this pair few weekes ago:

    Very Special Radarlocks + Custom FJs - FkKy2wp.jpg

    My current lineup of sports specific frames looks this:

    Very Special Radarlocks + Custom FJs - A9erVG4.jpg

    Here's my complete list of sports frames and lenses:

    Fast Jackets frames:
    Polished White
    Custom Team Cardinal

    Blue Iridium
    Clear/black Photochromic
    Grey XL

    Radarlock frames:
    Matte Black Ink
    Matte Retina Burn OG Special
    Matte Team Green OG Special

    Clear Path
    G40 Path
    HI Persimmon Path
    Red Iridium Path
    OG Special Fire Pitch
    Last edited: 1/13/15
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  2. Nortika

    Nortika I should Work at Oakley Premium Member

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    Sweet collection
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  3. pistolpetefan23

    pistolpetefan23 Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    What would you compare the Blue Iridium too? Is it kind of similar to G30, but in a neutral base?
  4. MarcelN

    MarcelN Oakley Beginner

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    Blue Iridium is VR28 based so it's a brown, contrast enhancing tint (G30 is pink based and lighter). As far as I remember BI's light transparency is said to be similar to the Jade or Red Iridium, but they appear a lot brighter when looking through. Overall great lens for use on overcast days or for sports activity in the woods (especially bike) where you need some colors boosting to better see terrain ahead.
  5. Litos

    Litos I believe in babies, music, magic and mom and dad

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    WANT !!!!!!! UUGHGHGH !!!!!!
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  6. Tweener25

    Tweener25 Oakley Beginner

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    Awesome collection. I love the retina burn pair
  7. Nectam

    Nectam Oakley Beginner

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    great collection.