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"Vintage" Glasses


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after the "discussion" around a new area for old school stuff
here, like i wrote some of my oldest pairs. . .



i hope, that´s now all members post their old stuff and start a lively exchange of knowledge!

we will see what happens ;o)

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i think not yet . . .
maybe nobody will discus old stuff?!?
it´s probably pretty hard to say 80´s, 90´s and so on!
we could use the names from the different models?

or Metal and Plastic ;o)

we should not forget watches, backpacks and all the other old products!

nice thread...

Had a few old stuff, but misplaced them while moving a few years ago :(
i remember i had Planet X Sub Zero, Glitter Gulch Gold 0.4, Black Top Coat, White Eye Jacket.
Oh well.. hope they show up one day during spring cleaning...

The plates were sold in the mid 2000s, like 03-06 but I consider those vintage to some extent! They're definitely epic!

maybe we should say oldschool not vintage or retro?
for me, is the Plate one of the best examples, that the "oldschool" design from oakley is just awesome!
and with oldschool you can not just mean the year, it´s the a kind of thinking and design attitudes . . . you know!?

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