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VR28 Black Iridium Appear Black Or Brown?


Oakley Beginner
Trying to decide which to get. I'd like to go with the VR28 but only if it doesn't look brown. I was told it only looks brown in certain light. I might be using this to take to a rifle range with an ACOG scope and read that it was better for distinguishing targets
It appears brown in very few conditions when on the face...at least in my experience. A darker frame helps it look darker...but its not like you look at yourself in the mirror and go "wow that's brown". Might help to try some on in a store if that's an option for you
I might try that. I'm ordering them from the Oakley military supply website at a discount. I can try to find them in a store with the black iridium vr28
My buddy, also an Oakley fan, loves the VR28 and he has several different pair with those lenses. Personally, I HATE the VR28. In my opinion, they look brown in almost every light. You definitely should try them on and go see them in person if you're worried about a brown tint because it is there.
If you are looking for contrast, try the g30. I like it better than vr28. It was recommended to me by an ex-ranger (bn guy not just tab). He probably either had an ACOG or other high speed sight. I think g30 would be better for ranges, but has been a while since I've fired an m-4