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  1. kyle_2012

    kyle_2012 Oakley Beginner

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    Does anybody know if Oakley is planning on releasing the VR28 series of lenses (VR28, VR28 polarized, VR28 BI, and VR28 BIP) for the radarlock either as a custom option or as an accessory lens? I know they have offered it before as a second lense (I believe there is a path option right now which offers VR28 BI as the second lense) and I know it did come in the holiday bundle as well. All I know is that if Oakley made it a custom option I would be the first one to pick up a pair of carbon fiber print radarlocks with VR28 BIP lenses.
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  2. mpmcgaughey

    mpmcgaughey Oakley Enthusiast

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    It is available in the Polarized Polished Black/Carbon Print pair -


    ...and it'll more then likely be available as a replacement lense very soon!