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VR28 Vs. G30


Oakley Beginner
Wanted to get thoughts on the VR28 series (VR28, VR28 polarized, VR28 Black Iridium, and VR28 BI Polarized) vs. the G30. I have a set of prescription G30s that I've found are nearly perfect for almost every condition. I only really have two negatives with the G30: they are not reflective on the outside and they are not polarized. I don't really have major issues with either, but I am concerned about reflections from puddles on the roadway after it rains. I live near Seattle, so I'll primarily be using either a pair VR28 or another pair of G30s in my wife's car as an all around lens in overcast conditions, early morning (without the sun glaring in my face), evenings, etc. I don't need something really dark, just enough to take the edge off so I don't have to squint if the sun comes out. A reflective lense is a bonus. Any of the VR28 lens family fit the bill in anyone's experience?
vr28 b.i. polarized is your best bet, vr28 polarized is good but the fact i can see my eyes bothers me with that lens. g30 b.i. polarized is coming on the fast jacket, if you like it that much id hold out for it
if you look for a polarized lense, the new OO Grey / OO Black Polarized lenses, have the a G30 Base and also a polarized filter, you work with the same contrast as the G30 but it isnt so dark like the v28 polarized, I have the 00Grey Polarized in my FueCell and prefer that more as all black polarized lenses.
I'm fairly limited since I'm dealing in the prescription world. Here are the choices I currently have in addition to the G30 and VR28 family already mentioned: Black, Gold, Fire, Emerald, Ice, Clear, and Persimmon. VR28, Black, Gold, and Ice are the only ones that have polarization available. I've got Ice Iridium Polarized also, which I like, but are only for the sunny days. Looking for something more for the overcast. So I guess based on my limitations, what I'm really asking are how people feel about VR28 Polarized and VR28 BI Polarized, since that is currently my only option.....unless I wait to see what Oakley comes up with in a few more months for presription options.
G30 polarized is coming out soon, as mentioned above. Im sure it will be prescription ready in a few months.
not sure if they will do prescriptions just yet and i think they are also only going to be in the fast jacket at this point in time.
after visiting the Oakley store, I really do prefer my G30s over the VR28. I guess i'll just have to wait and see if G30 polarized becomes available in prescription.

I did like the VR28 Black Irid Polarized, however. I may do that for my next sunglass lens.