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  1. EmpireSoccerCoach

    EmpireSoccerCoach Oakley Collector Premium Member

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    Vr50 transitions vs g40 transitions comparison - image.jpeg Vr50 transitions vs g40 transitions comparison - image.jpeg Vr50 transitions vs g40 transitions comparison - image.jpeg Vr50 transitions vs g40 transitions comparison - image.jpeg Vr50 transitions vs g40 transitions comparison - image.jpeg Vr50 transitions vs g40 transitions comparison - image.jpeg Thank you to all have helped me decide between these two lenses. I have decided to just buy both pairs.

    In using both of them, here are some of my observations:

    1. Vr50 is very light when not transitioned. As my wife said when she tried them on, she didn't even realize there were any lenses in the racing jackets. Full transition occurred after about two minutes. Again, the transition is very subtle and you will not notice them transitioning while wearing them. You can tell if you leave them on a flat surface and watch them in the sun. These do not get too dark. I believe around 15% transmission which was stated elsewhere on here is correct. These are good for flat to mostly sunny conditions. I do not like them in full sun as they don't really appear to cut the intensity at all. The colors when looking through them are on the light brown shade chart. They almost look like a lighter vr28 BIP color, but no where near as dark.

    2. G40 starts off a little darker when not activated. When activated, it does get darker. I would say the 10% transmission is pretty spot on. The hue in these is pinkish purple (rose base). My wife didn't care for them because of this but I like it because it seemed to make everything "pop" more than the vr50. These lenses would be good in mostly cloudy to bright sun. I wore them coaching in bright sun and they worked much better than the vr50's in cutting the sun's intensity. They reminded me of the PRIZM roads when not transitioned and a darker oo red iridium polarized when transitioned.

    Both did increase contrast. The vr50s were much softer on the eyes. The g40s worked great following the spin on a soccer ball. (One of my u18 players ripped a bending ball at me while I was standing in net and I could see the spin much clearer from a distance than if I wouldn't be wearing them).

    I would say for casual lenses and sports in overcast/changing but not too bright conditions, the vr50s would be great. The g40s are sweet for sports and for driving in indirect sunlight but they are a little too rose colored to wear around casually.

    Here are a few pics:

    The first set are inactivated, the second with the cars in the pictures are partially transitioned, and the final ones with the trees and pavement is fully transitioned.
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  2. NoFair

    NoFair Oakley Expert

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    Nice pics. I only have black transitions and would have preferred G40 (the black ones are good, but I like some contrast in overcast conditions)
  3. saulsaul

    saulsaul Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    Vr50 transitions vs g40 transitions comparison - IMG_4542.JPG

    Nice comparative review.

    I just got a pair of G40 transitions for my Flak XLJ. Tried them yesterday in bright sunshine. Really good.

    What I found odd though is that when completely unactivated, although these are 40% transmission, they feel darker to look through than lower transmission lenses such as VR50 Gold (35%) and even Slate. Found it hard to keep these on inside where it was just too dark.

    So not as versatile as my Black photochromic lenses, but lovely anyway and I'm going to get a set cut to Juliet or XX.
  4. flyer

    flyer Oakley Expert

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    ...and Thank You for paying it forward!
    I'm auditioning for a new set of Transitions, and this will make it easier to decide, though I too am leaning towards both.