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  1. sunpoh

    sunpoh Oakley Enthusiast

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    Has anyone tried walleva lenses? Are they good!?
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  2. Batwolf

    Batwolf Double Team Premium Member

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  3. Daddy2five

    Daddy2five Oakley Beginner

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    I purchased Walleva's 24k EG Polarized lenses for my Oakley Fast Jacket XL sunglasses. I must say I'm not impressed.

    Credit where credit is due. The colour looks good, (and what's more Oakley doesn't offer anything like it for my frames) and the shipping time was outstanding. However the quality leaves allot to be desired. The width of the frames is such that they quite literally wiggle front to back, inside of my frames.

    I'm awaiting refund instructions as I write this, so based solely on my experience, I'd have to say they're not worth the money even though the cost is drastically less in comparison to Oakley.
  4. tarheel7734

    tarheel7734 Oakley Enthusiast

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    I have yet had a chance to use walleva. I have used VL, Evolense, Samvette, and linegear. Linegear is superior to any I tried. VL had great polarization but had to exchange once for fit issue, Samvette look great and have great colors but polarization is less than desirable. Evolense are great and fit pretty good but are quite thin.
  5. VAUX

    VAUX Oakley Beginner

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    My Walleva polarized titanium lenses for Holbrook arrived yesterday so i haven´t had a chance to try them but they seem of good quality. I needed a bit more force to qlick them into my clear Holbrooks than Oakleys own lenses but i think it´s good they sit very tight. I just have to wait for the sun to show up here in Finland so i can try them out ;)
  6. UYZ

    UYZ Oakley Beginner

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    It does not hurt to try, but I'll never put aftermarket lens in my lifetime for Oakley because I do not think other companies did an exhaustive research on their brand of lens. I would love to try to run over a Walleva lens, see if it can withstand the weight, or will it splatter in pieces. I believe no companies can replicate a High-Intensity Persimmon, VR28 Blue Iridium, or Light Positive Red Iridium type lens.
  7. brownnugen

    brownnugen Oakley Beginner

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    Yeah, after reading the review, the only thing that I never really see covered is their impact protection. Even though I am not in the market for any lenses, I'd like to hear about that.
  8. Shooter-medic

    Shooter-medic Oakley Beginner

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    They do not have the same impact protection. That's why I won't use them. With my job I need it.
  9. Lord Morsus

    Lord Morsus Oakley Beginner

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    Durability of VL

    i don't know about the color issue, i believe someone else has already touched on that hear, but i have a pair of Fives 2.0 with VL Polarized lenses. they fell out of my pocket and were driven over by a minivan. the frame snapped, so i'm switching to something in x-metal, but the lenses didn't even get a scratch mark. just mud and rocks caked to them i had to clean. but the lenses themselves don't even have a scratch.
  10. Clark W. Griswold

    Clark W. Griswold Oakley Beginner

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    If you're not wearing Oakley lenses, you're not wearing Oakleys.

    We all love the frames, but it's the lenses that make the Oakley brand what it is today.

    I compare it to putting a big, fat cubic zirconia in the middle of an all-diamond setting.
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