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Discussion in 'Oakley Watches Discussion' started by 96.SVT.COBRA, 2/23/16.

  1. 96.SVT.COBRA


    Hearing that February 29th was the last day of the 40% off sale. They didn't say what was coming up next but kinda hinted that they might be shipped back to HQ so we shall see what is in store. Also got to see the newer look store at the Houston Galleria store. More clothes and less glasses :(
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  2. Lexkempo


    I was told in January that I was around Fathers Day it all was going back...

    Crazy how stories change month to month ...

  3. 96.SVT.COBRA


    Yep. After being in a newer concept store though it's easy to see what direction they are headed. Maybe the store I visited will send theirs to other stores but I can't see that either due to them being a high volume store.

  4. hunter.nurse


    I have been hearing 2/29 as well from various sources at multiple stores...

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