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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ross, 6/2/12.

  1. Ross


    I've had a couple of Minute Machines, an original Judge and a Holeshot. I currently don't own any Oakley watches, but I still have a few nice ones. Anyone else like watches and have any that they'd like to show?

    My latest pickups, a Seiko SBBN013 "Darth Tuna" and a Citizen titanium "Ecozilla". For the Citizen, I installed a pair of Suppa adapters that allow any 24mm strap to be mounted and put on a strap from a Citizen JV0030.

    Watches Other Than Oakley - darth01.jpg
    Watches Other Than Oakley - zilla-01.jpg
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  2. qBan


    that second one looks cool!

  3. bad fishy

    bad fishy

    Yeah, I like that citizen too. Well, I like pretty much anything with a titanium finish!

  4. Hoot


    Hi..i have a couple of Seiko that i wear regulary..the first which is my everyday/duty watch is a Seiko "Black Monster" with plongeur hands..the second is Seiko Mens Scuba JAPAN 7S26 SKX007J1, again with plonguer hands

    Hoot:wink: Watches Other Than Oakley - seiko002.jpg

    Watches Other Than Oakley - seiko001.jpg
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  5. Eckstream1


    I'm also a watch guy... I prefer automatics to quartz.

    Here are a few that are available to me at the moment.
    The rest are safely locked away in the gun vault...

    Fortis Spacematic (Titanium Case/ Both Leather & Titanium Bands)

    Watches Other Than Oakley - utf-8BSU1BRzEyNjguanBn.jpg

    Zodiac Astrographic (Mystery Dial)

    Watches Other Than Oakley - utf-8BSU1BRzEyNjkuanBn.jpg

    Citizen Eco Drive Skyhawk (I need to charge it)

    Watches Other Than Oakley - utf-8BSU1BRzEyNzAuanBn.jpg

    Invicta Lupah (Titanium case Carbon Dial and Band)

    Watches Other Than Oakley - utf-8BSU1BRzEyNzEuanBn.jpg

    Invicta Pro Diver (Have both Steel and Leather bands)

    Watches Other Than Oakley - utf-8BSU1BRzEyNzMuanBn.jpg

    Invicta Objet d' art (Skeleton dial and back)

    Watches Other Than Oakley - utf-8BSU1BRzEyNzUuanBn.jpg

    Montres Allison Moonphase

    Watches Other Than Oakley - utf-8BSU1BRzEyNzIuanBn.jpg

    Nixon El Dorado

    Watches Other Than Oakley - utf-8BSU1BRzEyNzQuanBn.jpg
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  6. EditReject


    I am big G-Shock fan. This one is getting a lot of wrist time lately.

    Watches Other Than Oakley - IMG_0597.jpg

  7. Ross


    Yeah, I also prefer autos, my daily wear watches are mostly Breitling. It just so happened that I picked up a couple of quartz watches lately for weekend wear so those are the pictures I had handy. I mostly like Breitling, but I also like Sinn and Bell & Ross - I did, however, sell off 3 of my favorites to buy the Kawasaki that I show in another thread.

  8. Eckstream1


    I've had my eye on a BR01 and a U Boat... Might have to sell a bike to pick those up though. Haha

  9. Kid



    lovely watches there peeps...

    I'm a watch person too but never have the opportunity to start "collecting" as I'd definitely starve to death with all the purchases...I limit myself to only 2 oakley a year and probably 1 or none watches unless it's really something to not be missed...

    My dress watch
    Watches Other Than Oakley - IMG_1550.jpg

    My daily beater - also my semi grail
    Watches Other Than Oakley - IMG_1645.jpg

    The it-will-be-missed daily beater - sold it to fund for the Oris
    Watches Other Than Oakley - IMG_1534.jpg

    The funky one - going to a new home too
    Watches Other Than Oakley - IMG_1630.jpg
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  10. TheDutchman92


    +1 to the g-shock

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