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Just a quick shoutout to Wavecloud. Very happy with my custom RJ2's!


After finding out my Field Jacket donors have the wrong BC (my fault, I found faulty information outside the forum), even after Wavecloud's reassurance, I must say I was a bit nervous about distored visuals, but luckily did not notice anything unusual. The only remarkable thing I notice is that when I bow my head down while keeping focus on the far distance, the lenses seem to get a bit lighter.
The lenses do not touch my eyelashes unless I reallly press them to my face.
All in all it's fully functional and that's exactly what I wanted.

As you can see on the picture, the blue is a bit darker than on the Velozine cycling kit, but is in line with the Velozine sticker I sent to Wavecloud. I would have preferred the brighter blue of the kit, but should have been more specific here myself. On the bike it looks good!

At close inspection, the art work is a bit less sharp than expected, there's a bit of fading here and there and 1 black pintpoint on the orange. But I guess that's inevitable with this kind of small detailing, the curvature of the frame and the non-industrial application. Again, on the bike it looks good. :)

I did take bit of a gamble with the Prizm Sapphires. I tried Prizm Sapphire Polarized before and did not like them . But knowing from here that the non-polars are a bit different, I took the plunge. They have a brown-pinkish tint. Not too brown luckily, and I really like the way they boost the greens!

Cheers, Lars

ps: I do really need a new nose piece for this. @"TRUMP" : did you see my last PM?


Gonna' ride the 175k tour of Flanders on april the 4th. Now, with my EPO-era RJ's, suddenly I do not feel the need for train anymore... ;-)


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