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  1. jonoyong

    jonoyong Inside Outlaw. Staff Member Premium Member

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    Wear Sunglasses to See Better When Driving in the Rain

    so i came across this article today, to be honest there were quite a few found thru a Google search, and it states that polarized shades helps to increase visibility while driving in the rain. however, for every article i found that claims shades (polarized and non-polarized were both used as examples at times) helped with visibility in the rain, there would be another that claims that this "wearing shades in the rain" is just plain stupid.

    so just out of curiosity, what are some of the opinions among forum members, and may i add, Oakley experts as well. =) anyone practice this on a regular basis?

    my personal experience is that shades do help, but the lens tint/type is a pretty important variable. i had on my Pendletons with vr28 BIP today and it starting pouring in the midst of my drive home, and personally, i felt it did help cut out a lot of the glare, thus increasing visibility just that wee bit.

    so if you guys think that shades do help in that situation, what lenses do you guys recommend? coz if it truly helps, i plan to keep a pair with the right lens tint in the car, since it's starting to be thunderstorm/monsoon season over here.
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  2. OakleyRacer2132

    OakleyRacer2132 Oakley Beginner

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    I almost always wear sunglasses when it is raining. I live in Florida so if it rains during the day, it is still extremely sunny. I usually just wear whatever shades I brought with me that day, which most days is a grey or Black Iridium lens. They work great, but my favorite to wear are my VR28 Black Iridium Polarized. I only have 1 pair with those lenses though so I don't always have them with me. I have a G40 Black Gradient in my Compulsive Sq that I also love to wear when its raining.
  3. CarGuy

    CarGuy Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    I wear sunglasses in virtually all weather conditions from dawn til dusk.
    If it is raining I wear a lighter lens color like a VR28, VR50, Slate Iridium or Violet.
    I am aware that some folks think it odd especially in the rain but UV is everywhere, all the time and glasses help knock down glare too.
    I really feel that even in inclement weather that sunnies help. And they're stylish. :cool:
  4. Thermonuclear

    Thermonuclear Oakley Enthusiast

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    I agree - I wear sunglasses in all conditions, because of UV light and otherwise some of my lens tints would never see the light of day! Love using pink, gold, slate and OO BIP on rainy days!
  5. Dyeraudio

    Dyeraudio Juliet Enthusiast

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    I had a Custom Juliet made just for this reason.....Slate Iridium lenses....

    Wearing Shades While Driving In The Rain. Wanna Get Some Thoughts And Views On This.. - tujeza8a.jpg
  6. NiGHTSx2

    NiGHTSx2 Oakley Collector

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    +1 on Violet lenses (not Violet Iridium, just Violet). The increased contrast helps, and the light transmision is high enough to work in overcast/stormy conditions.
  7. Frogskins

    Frogskins Oakley Expert

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    Not really in the rain, but

    I wear my polarized Oakleys when I shower

    Makes it easier to find the soap ...

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  8. Disposer

    Disposer Oakley Beginner

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  9. s3sunruh

    s3sunruh Oakley Collector

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    I use my racing jackets with a light grey or a vr28 blue iridium for rain or snowing conditions. :cool:
  10. jonoyong

    jonoyong Inside Outlaw. Staff Member Premium Member

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    So I'm not alone in this situation eh? Ha! Yeah over here it can also be sunny whilst raining so the glare can be pretty bad. Nonetheless, I'm gathering that the general consensus are VR lenses and basically other contrast enhancing lenses? Anyone tried having a G26 on? From what I rem, those lenses made everything bright as hell when I used them. Never in rainy conditions though.