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Weed wackers


Font of Useless Knowledge
Austin, TX
I've been using a SRM-225 trimmer for three years now. It's awesome, but I'm thinking of upgrading to their Pro Attachment series this spring (my electric edger just died on me) and I'm wondering if anybody here has any experience with them, specifically how well the different engine sizes power various attachments other than the trimmer...


Oakley Expert
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Cincinnati, Ohio
I have the same model . It starts pretty easily every spring...not sure about Pro series..( cashed in hotel points for Home Depot gift cards and got it free) mine is about 3 years old or so..


I am Jim Jannard...
East Coast
I don't use Stihl, Echo, Ryobi, Craftsman, Homelite or any of those brands. I bought Napalm edger. It worked beautifully. One shot and I never had to trim anything ever again. The box said Charlie don't surf. I guess that means don't use around the pool. I dunno?


Font of Useless Knowledge
Austin, TX
I'm sold on echo. The 225 is entry level, but the 21.2cc engine is powerful enough to make any electric trimmer look like you're trying to trim by swinging around a limp noodle. But I think it's just powerful enough for trimming, think it might lug a bit under heavier loads that some of the attachments might demand.

But then the next size up, the 230 series, is only 1.6cc larger but a significant price increase. What justifies all that extra cost? While just a little more price than the 230 is the 266, which is 2.6cc larger than the 230, 4.2cc larger than the 225. But do I need that much? And why is such a larger engine priced at so little more than the 230?

And there's other questions, surrounding some attachments that have more than one version...

I know there's better places to look for these answers than here, and I am looking elsewhere. But I thought I'd take a shot to see if anyone here has already been down this path, with firsthand experience with these things...

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