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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by reggavegga, 10/9/11.

  1. reggavegga


    My girlfriend and I went Sat. morning they opened at 8am got there about 7:40am about 80 people in front of us. Went in 1000 s and 1000 s of sunglasses lined up on tables no boxes or micro bags. I was only looking for Oakleys and so were a lot of other people. I found a cheap pair of fives but didnt keep them. I finally got one of the workers and she found me a pair of black tens. Also was standing next to another worker and she pulled out some black tort. montys. Snatched up about 7 Oakley micro bags for a buck apeice. I also had a pair of square wire 2.0 that are real small and with the orange iridium lense. There was a guy there that wanted them so he gave me 18 bucks to give them to him (i had not paid for them yet) so when we went to check out my one pair was 38 for the tens and 7 dollars for the bags and with the 18 off i got the tens for 20 bucks. They were giving all the money to the United Way. And my gf got the montys for herself for not too bad of a deal there. I did see people with Oaks but i think all the employees got first dibs on them the day before or were holding them back for themselves. Cant be mad at that i would do it too.

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  2. BriP


    damn, would love to work for a place like that huh. imagine the day before when the employees get to choose from the full selection - like kids in the candy store.. with noone else around!

  3. reggavegga


    yup but oh well im happy with my 20.00 purchase of tens.

  4. MrSneis


    Kinda cool I guess, after all the bad stuff we hear about Luxottica!

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