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What are some other sneakers you guys wear? (Oakley aside)

I've been rocking airmax 90 infrared since idk 8 years ago? I'm already on my 3rd pair and i have a spare somewhere at home. They only release infrareds every 5 years

Also wear classic white stan smiths with green. Already on my 5th pair in the last 8 or 9 years

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Thats bananas…

Before I read your post, I was thinking to myself ain’t no way this guy is rocking a clean pair of am 90’s from middle school?

Good to know. These were slept on when I had them, I didn’t see anybody wearing a pair. Childhood me thought they were fake because my mom bought me them from some hole in the wall spot in BK :cool:

I've got a few adidas. Mostly collabs

My daily’s— golden goose stardan AFG limited b/red “camo”
If I’m not wearing these (which is 90% of the time), i’m wearing my Louboutin Oralto High’sView attachment 1054482
Looks like a solid pair of dailys.

Are GG becoming more common now?

I remember seeing a girl my age a couple years back get into a brand new Q3 wearing gooses.

Kind of reminds me of the stan smithes I would see in the city, but just kicked up a notch.