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What Are You Driving ?


Oakley Beginner
Thought it would be nice to see what everyone drives and possibly what MPG your getting.
I am seeing Regular Unleaded in my area for $3.10 today, but its been fluctuating alot as I would think it is everywhere.

1999 (C5) Corvette - Average 23 City / 29 Hwy
Weekends mostly as the manual trans doesnt mix well with the traffic im in daily.


2006 Scion XB - Mostly 30 MPG anywhere but have seen up to 32 MPG

The Wife has a 2008 Honda Accord 4Cyl 4Dr which has become our primary means of transportation.
No Pictures so you can use your imagination :)

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Great Picture :)

I need to find a good spot like that.

I have owned cars from a Ford Pinto to the Corvette they all have there purpose.

I had this for 4 years just sold it the other day one of the best all round cars i've ever had would do 40 MPG round town and 55 plus on the Highways (Motorway for all those people that know the left side of the road is the right way to drive! lol)

Sold the Bemmer for this..

Had this for a few years as well crap on fuel compared to the BMW!

I got this about 8 months ago... love it proper British 4X4!!

And the Daddy of them all my 8 year old SL55 AMG 5.5 500 BHP!

Hope you guys like?

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Nice rides JayMann!

In my garage is 2003 Acura MDX, 2006 Ford F150 FX4, 2008 Harley Davidson V-ROD and a 2011 Ford Mutang GT Convertible (6speed).....I don't realy track MPG.

Thanks Del!... F150 Nice i wouldn't mind one of these but to big for the UK roads plus its would be a left hooker thats no good either!

Del i just had to google that **** me that if nice thats the big right there

Nerd oh yes all may friends say my house if the new local BMW dealership i had 4 of them on my drive way last year lol Love my German cars comes from my old man i think we wold tell us how fast his old GTI VW was in the blood from there i think lol Been to motor shows and Factory all about Europe. Next stop is a show in the US me thinks

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