What Can I Use To Cover Scratches On My Matte Black Frame? | Oakley Forum
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  1. kameron412

    kameron412 Oakley Beginner

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    I just recently purchased the Oakley Jury in Matte Black almost 2 months ago. But I recently dropped them on the concrete, and some of the Matte Black paint was scratched off of the aluminum frame, so now some of the silver aluminum shows through and you can spot it a mile away. When I called Oakley about it, strangely enough, they said they have no replacement frames or spare parts for the Jury's despite them being a new model, so they couldn't help me.

    So anyways, is there anything you guys would recommend to cover the scracthes up that would match the Matte Black finish? Thanks! :)
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  2. BAPD77

    BAPD77 Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    Re: What can I use to cover scratches on my Matte Black fram

    Only thing i can think is to try a shoe polish and dab it on or a marker, possibly black or maybe even brown. It may still show but probably not as much as it does now :-D