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What Did You Buy Today (for The Smaller Stuff)


Oakley Expert
Premium Member
He means they’re the polished colorway, not x-metal, but I think you were referring to the fact that they’re x-metals, not the colorway
Lol you got me dizzy



Oakley Collector
Premium Member
West Michigan
Since I was told most of the soft cases and others were backordered (my local vault hasn't had any on the shelf for a few weeks now) and needing least another one I popped by sunglass hut in the mall , they didn't have one but the sunglass hut section in Macy just down the hall had one.

So got a pill like soft case.

Also caught my eye on their "exclusive" Flak 2.0XL with 24k prizm (seems to be identical to Midnight Black color way online) and debating those if I can get a better idea of what 24k looks like thru the back (love tungsten, but not a fan of ruby or rose gold).


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